Woyzeck Musical

A New Musical

In the underlying play, poverty turns Woyzeck into the plaything of faith, science and nature. A self-satisfied captain lectures him on morality; a doctor (played, in this production, by an actor and actress joined like Siamese twins, bouncing lines between them) pays him to eat a wacky diet and treats him as a specimen; a friend named Andres, made up as a warped double of Woyzeck, touts the inevitability of instinct. Woyzeck himself, when pressed, envisions conspiracies and subterranean turmoil. But the opening song, ''Misery Is the River of the World,'' simplifies things: with a lurching carnival oom-pah, it contends, ''If there's one thing you can say about mankind/ There's nothing kind about man.'' Woyzeck's worst problem is that his wife, Marie, is cheating on him with a self-satisfied drum major, eventually driving Woyzeck to madness and murder.

Conducted by Anna Terteryan, Directed by Arthur Makaryan, Choreographed by Gohar Hovhanissyan

This new adaptation of Woyzeck play by G. Buchner was performed 3 times at Armenian Theatre Academy and Puppet Theatre in Armenia, May 2011.

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