Ivanov by A. Chekhov

A new adaptation by Arthur Makaryan

Ivanov. The flawed title hero of Chekhov's first full-length play, he is a man plagued by gossip, his own self-contempt and the loss of his ideals. In this adaptation, discover a world not unlike ours today, that is at once tragic and hilarious, sexy and grotesque, moralizing and demoralizing - right out of Russia, with love.

By: Anton Chekhov, translated by: Paul Schmidt, adapted by: Anna Woodruff
Director: Arthur Makaryan, lighting designer and stage manager: Caitlyn Dominguez, sound designer: Tamara Sevuns, costume designer: Jo Walker
producer: Yijin Liu
Featuring: Matt Ryan, Tamara Sevunts, Stephanie Windland, Ashton Glover, Jedidjah Oldenburg, Jo Walker, Colin Wulff

December 2016, Schapiro Studio, NYC

The Forgotten Land

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