Broken April

Based on the novel by Ismail Kadare
Adapted by Ned Moore
Directed by Arthur Makaryan

"Deep in the mountains a young man is caught up in a blood feud that has plagued his family for generations. With one month to live, he must make an impossible choice: break the cycle and fight for love, or surrender to fate. BROKEN APRIL explores the true cost of forgiveness in a world of hate."

"....The cast’s powerful performances heavily reinforced them to the audience. Unaided by mics, the actors’ voices rippled through the theater with intensity. The minimalist set only emphasized the show’s notion of strength and intensity. “Broken April” does more than provide a brief visual entertainment to its audience. It gives audience members something to pick apart, something to turn inward toward and reflect on long after they leave." - WASHINGTON SQUARE NEWS

The first workshop presentation of Broken April was in May 2017 at Schapiro Theatre and in January 2018 it premiered at LenFest Center for Arts, Columbia Stages.

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