Hamlet Machine

Will be performed as part of Armmono International Festival on

Sunday,  November 26 at 6pm

Small Theatre at 11 Abovyan St. Yerevan

HamletMachine solo performance is an adaptation of the famous Hamlet after Shakespeare with the combination of Muller's HamletMachine. With our work we aim to question the very place of Hamlet in our days. Weather the drama he carried in 16th century still exists today or not? This new Hamlet is struggling against the blood feud: trying to find the right solution and trying to find the alternative of killing and being killed. Cause all he wants is to listen by giving chances to others and not to live in hatred. Whether he will succeed? The Performance was sponsored by Luys Foundation, AGBU and HD Studio. HamletMachine has been presented in Yerevan, we have also had a tour to Vanadzor as a part of Develop Armenia Together program, in the frameworks of which the project has won Most Innovative and Creative Project. At this moment it is in the program of Armono International Festival. Language of the performance is Armenian additionally provided by English subtitles.

Featuring: Narek Baghdasaryan, Director: Arthur Makaryan, Adaptation: Ani Vardanyan, Producers: Arpine Kirakosyan, Nelly Selyan, Choreographer: Ani Abrahamyan, Composer: Ashot Petrosyan, Costume and Set Designer: Hayarpi Khachatryan, Graphic Designer: Astghik Karapetyan

Photo by H. Khachatryan and V. Araksanyan


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