BLACK GARDEN by Gordon Penn

Two warring nations, Armenia and Azerbaijan, cling to a legacy of mutual hatred. But what does it cost to maintain the divide? What is the price of living inside the animosity. 

Inspired by real historical events in Nagorno-Karabakh where about 30,000 soldiers were killed in between 1988-1994, Black Garden is a theatrical collage that portrays the harrowing landscape of an Armenian woman’s trauma. She is haunted by the memories of a lost lover; two glutinous buffoons and self-serving leaders contrive to abuse their countries for their own personal power; a man is imprisoned for unknown crimes; while two diaspora Armenians simply are trying to find the right person to date.

The leaders turn on each other, the prisoner and his interrogator spar over the status quo of their country and the woman cannot break the cycle of loss as she pieces together the shards of what came before: a stranger, a broken love and a never-ending war.

Tamara Sevunts, an NYC based Canadian-Armenian actress
Robert Najarian, an American-Armenian-Italian actor

Written by Gordon Penn
Directed by Arthur Makaryan
Dramaturged by Elizagrace Madrone
Set and Lighting design by Kelvin Pater
Costume design by Nina Vartanian
Sound design/music by Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie 

Below are photos from the workshop production in 2016 at Schapiro Theatre

The Persians by Aeschylus

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